The Wisdom of Confucius

See what Kongzi (Confucius) had to say about wisdom.
See what Kongzi (Confucius) had to say about
the Sage.
See what Kongzi (Confucius) had to say about


Multiculturalism at its best is the synergy of different cultures.  Here is a
great example of multiculturalism
Multiculturalism: The Investigation of Things and Philippians 4:8

Unity Principles

Wang Yangming developed the principle of the unity of knowledge and
Knowledge is the beginning of action, and action is the completion of

This is such a thoughtful and succint statement that I cast a number of
Western ideas in this manner.  
Please click on this link for the Unity

The Loves and Commitments of Confucianism

Love and commitment are important in American culture.  There are
qualities that Confucians love and are committed to promoting.  
The Loves
and Commitments of Confucianism is a short essay explaining some aspects
of Confucianism in an American context.

Questions and Answers

A college student at Texas A&M, Kingsville, sent me a list of questions about
Confucianism in America. Here is a
link to the questions and answers .

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